IDKorea Inc.
IDKorea Inc. that specializes in acoustic emission testing(AET), provides online and offline AET service with the world's most authoritative AET technology. Analytic Service for AET data collected in Korea is provided to customers after analysing and reviewing by the world's leading authorities in Acoustic Emission Testing.

Based on the accumulated know-how over 20 years, IDK fully diagnoses the safety of facilities and industries in Korea. At the same time, we are realizing our goal of the localization of the AET equipment through achieving technology independence in the software and the hardware development. We will make every effort to be a leading company in diagnosis verification field in Asia.


IDAQ-8 DAQ Board

Channel : 8Channel
Sampling Rate : Up to 10Msps
Resolution : 16bits
SNR : > 92dB
SFDR : > 89dB
ENOB : > 12bits
Digital FIR Filter : Configurable Bandwidth in 1kHz~1MHz
Maximum Hit Rate : 1000Hits/sec

Pre Amplifier

Input Signal Ranges : 1kHz~1MHz
Gain : 40dB/60dB
Output Levels : ±10Vpp
Output Impedance : 50Ω
Connector : Isolated BNC Connector
Power : 28Vdc Phantom Power over output signal line

Portable AET Equipment

Channel : 32(8X4) Channel
Sampling Rate : Up to 10Msps
Resolution : 16bits
SFDR : > 89dB
Memory Size : 1GB DDR3
Channel Connector : SMB
Bus Type : PCIe Gen2 x4
Maximum Hit Rate : 1000Hits/sec

AET Workstation Equipments

Channel : 64(8X8) Channel
64 Sensors
64 Pre-amps
3 Displays (+1)


• Microscopic defect detection
• Prediction of system failure due to defect growth by microscopic defect detection.
• Structures Diagnosis based on elastic wave signals generated by the structure itself instead of based on expectations and assumptions.
• Total inspection by acquiring data for the full plate instead of the single point.
• Diagnosis for the structure interior like CT.
• On-line diagnosis in system operating.
• Advanced diagnostic technology with low cost, high efficiency and high reliability.

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